The Metaverse Map

The metaverse map indicate the metaverse map in 2D

The 2D Map

The 2D map layer displays the entire map of the universe. Click to drag and navigate all the land in the metaverse world. Clicking on each piece of land allows you to view basic information, attributes, status, and the execution of smart contracts for that specific land. Please refer to the Land section to learn more about the land in the metaverse.


In the bottom-left of the map, you will see a smaller mini-map. This can be used to help navigate the larger map.

Map Features

  • Admin: The control center for the metaverse world, accessible only to the owner of the "Creator NFT" for that world. The "Creator NFT" cannot be shared across different metaverses. For more information on the Admin Control Center settings, please refer to Control Panel.

  • About: View all the basic information, land quantity, contracts, and more related to the metaverse.

  • Tools: AlliMeta's exclusive built-in editor tools (building, indoor, avatar, etc..) can be found here.

  • Store: View all the third-party services supported in the metaverse.

  • Land:

    • My Asset - View all the assets in your wallet (Land NFT, Building NFT, Rights NFT, Indoor Space NFT, Creator NFT).

    • Rent - View the currently available land leases.

    • Initial Sale - View the currently available land that can be minted and sold publicly.

    • Find My Land - View the land that you currently own.

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