World Limits

Understand the limits of your metaverse world.

Browser Limits

As the AlliMeta platform is built on web browsers, in general, web browsers require memory to run. If too much memory is used, it may cause the web browser to crash or errors to occur. Therefore, when designing your entire virtual world, it is strongly recommended that each 3D model used must comply with the size limit for uploads. When uploading 3D models, it is also recommended to reduce the size of each model to ensure the smooth operation of the entire virtual world. The smoother your world runs, the different game experiences each player will have in the future.

The memory space required for each metaverse to run in a browser will vary depending on the size and number of 3D models. When the content capacity of your metaverse exceeds a certain range, the browser will require more hardware space. Because each user's operating system, RAM, and hardware specifications may be different, there are also many variables involved.

  • The 3D model of each ground object should be <5000 polygons.

  • The total object capacity of the world should be <2GB.

If you encounter an error message indicating insufficient memory space, you can refer to here for another solution.

Check the Total Object Capacity of the World

You can check the total object capacity that your world has occupied in the 3D experience layer:

  • MacOS: Fn + F2

  • Windows: Ctrl + F2

dyMB - Current total object capacity

toMB - The current range used by the browser.

Please note: When dyMB>toMB, the browser will open a larger range and require more hardware space. When it exceeds the browser's limit, your world may stop working. It is recommended that the total object capacity of the world be <2GB.

Low/high polygon display

Due to browser limitations, every 3D model placed through the world editor is low polygon, and all 3D models displayed in the 3D experience layer are also low polygon. In addition, the 3D models of all building NFTs placed are displayed as low/high polygon, and the system automatically switches the building to low polygon when it is far away, and switches to high polygon when it is closer.

Modularize your 3D models

Modularizing your 3D models can significantly increase the loading speed of the metaverse and reduce the object capacity of the world.

  • Modularization: Assuming there are three different modules, each with a capacity of 100kb, the maximum capacity increase for each added model is 300kb.

  • Modelization: Assuming there are three different models, each with a capacity of 100kb, each model added to the world will increase the world's object capacity by the same multiple.

Wrap your 3D model using textures

In addition to the two editing modes mentioned above, you can also create your 3D model using stickers to improve the overall smoothness of the metaverse.

Texture specifications and sizes:

  • LOD 0: less than or equal to 400 polygons; png: 512x512px

  • LOD 1: less than or equal to 200 polygons; png: 128x128px

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