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Getting Started with Editing

This section explains how to edit and manage your metaverse project. Before editing, please read the basic operations and instructions for the editor carefully.

Model Editor

You can use the Model Editor to create basic 3D models from scratch, or to view, modify, and create more complex 3D models. The Model Editor is only available to creators and can be used to upload non-public 3D models through the control panel tool.

  • Click "safe" to save .json (modelData)

  • Click "load" to load .json (modelData)

  • After editing is complete, click "Export" to immediately add it to your world editor and land editor. It will not appear in other people's land editors.

  • For other basic features, please refer to the editor toolbar.

After clicking "Export", the 3D model will be combined into a single 3D model. This model cannot be broken down or disassembled into individual modules within the world editor or land editor.

Lightening Function

The lighting function in the editor can make each model glow, which is generally used to enhance the visual effect of advertisements or the appearance of models.

You can follow the steps below to turn on the lighting effect of a model:

  1. Select the model and click "Add Component" in the property panel.

  2. Click "Psychoflow.RuntimeChangeOutfit" > "OK".

  3. Check the box for "Emission First" in the options.

  4. After completing the editing, click "Export" to immediately add it to your world editor and land editor.

When you enable the lighting feature, your computer needs to spend more time and resources to process these visual effects, which can affect the loading speed of the world. If your computer has a lower configuration, you may notice a significant decrease in the loading speed and smoothness of the world when using the lighting feature. However, if your computer has a higher configuration, you may not feel much impact.

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