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Control Panel is a friendly universe management tool provided by the AlliMeta universe ecosystem to maintain and manage the project universe. The background management can only be used by the developer of the metaverse or the wallet holding the founder's NFT, in order to manage the content of the metaverse, the whitelist plan, and more settings of the metaverse editor.


  • Dashboard: The dashboard provides critical real-time data and displays various types of data, such as financial data, operational data, sales data, etc., to quickly understand the real-time data of the metaverse and make clear decisions accordingly.

  • Information: Edit or update your metaverse information name, description, URL, logo/banner, token finance, etc. For more information on token integration, please refer to here.

  • Land Minting: Land minting settings for the metaverse include whitelist mechanism, price, and contract upgrade. For more information on land minting settings, please refer to here.

  • 3D World Editor: The 3D world editor is used to edit the 3D world. Every 3D model uploaded on "Private Model Manager" will be displayed here.

  • Private Model Manager: Manage the 3D models in your world editor. Every 3D model uploaded here will be displayed in your world editor.

  • Public Model Manager: Manage the 3D models that can be used externally in your metaverse. Every 3D model uploaded here will be displayed in the "Land Editor" and "Model Editor" of each user.

  • Image Uploader: Use this feature to change the "backdrop image," "ground image," and "heightmap image" of your metaverse. Upload the image and click "Upload" to complete the change.

  • Sample: To provide more convenient editing in your metaverse world, AlliMeta provides basic 3D models for each item for you to use. You can select and download any 3D model component in the "sample" and edit it in your world. For more information on how to use 3D models, please refer to here.

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