Use Rights on Lands

Learn about use right and its features

Landowners who hold digital assets in the form of land can forge land use rights to enable leasing of land use rights, thereby earning more income, or engaging in various commercial activities such as posting advertisements, placing building NFTs, setting up 3D advertising billboard images to enrich the value of the land.

Setting the land right expiry date:

The default maximum term for land use rights is set to one year. Metaverse creators can customize the term for land use rights in the control panel.

  1. Complete land minting.

  2. Click on "Setup Right expiry date"

  3. Select a date for the land right expiry in "Set land right expiry date" and click "OK"

  4. Click on "Set now"

  5. Confirm the contract interaction with the land by clicking "Confirm" in your MetaMask wallet

Leasing your land rights:

Leasing your land rights is a legal right that temporarily grants someone the use of your digital land assets for an agreed period of time. The lease does not grant ownership of the land, but rather the right to use it.

After setting the land right expiry date, you can lease your land rights to someone else within the validity period of the land right.

  1. Set the land right expiry date.

  2. Click on "Lease my Rights" to lease your land rights on the Opensea platform.

Renting out your land rights without setting an expiry date in advance may result in additional ETH gas and a failed transaction. You must set the land rights expiry date before you can lease it to others.

Land Naming

Land use right holders, who have the same ownership of the land, can edit the basic information of the land.

Map Advertise

As a land-use rights holder, you can also post advertisements on the land, which will be permanently effective. You can use third-party image libraries to post your 2D map layer land ads. For more information about posting ads, please refer here.

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