Edit Your Metaverse World

Know more about editing your metaverse world

AlliMeta offers a range of editor tools that allow you to edit your metaverse world using different editors.

Getting Started with Editing

This section explains how to edit and manage your metaverse project. Before editing, please read the basic operations and instructions for the editor carefully.

pageThe Basics of the Editor Tools

World Editor

The viewport of the world editor presents the virtual scene of the metaverse world. This editor allows you to edit the details and aesthetics of the world, including terrain height ratio, planting trees, virtual buildings, etc. Only creators with the Genesis NFT can use the world editor.

Getting Started

This section explains how to use the world editor to edit your metaverse project and provides basic information to help you get started. The following sections describe more about how to use the world editor to handle 3D models.

Setting Up the World

Adjust the height and resolution of the world to edit your world:

  • World Height is the ratio of the world's height, and you can drag it left or right to set the height ratio of the world.

  • Preview Resolution is the resolution of the world. According to the specifications of your computer hardware, you can drag it left or right to set a high or low resolution. The higher the resolution, the higher the resolution of the 3D models, terrain, and sky displayed in the virtual viewport.

The resolution setting does not directly affect the resolution of the 3D building in the 3D experience layer (low/high polygon). For more information about low/high polygon 3D model buildings, please refer to here.

Terrain Switching

  • 「Flat」enables parallel terrain mode

  • 「Height」enables elevation terrain mode

Light Setting

Click on 'Environment Setting' in the editor's hierarchy, and then click on 'RuntimeLightSetting Component' to open up the lighting settings.

  • Direction: Direction of light rays

  • Angle: Angle of light rays

  • Strength: Intensity of light rays

  • Skybox: Change the URL image of the sky

3D Model Management Tool

Through the use of a public model management tool, it is easy to manage 3D objects that are allowed to be edited within the universe. The model management tool is divided into public and private categories:

  • Public Model Management Tool - allows for the addition or removal of 3D models that are open for external use. All uploaded 3D objects will be added to the land editor of everyone.

  • Private Model Management Tool - allows for the addition or removal of 3D models created by the creator. 3D objects uploaded through this tool will only be added to the creator's editor.

Supported Formats

The 3D models added in the model editor are in a .ZIP format, which must contain the 3D model format developed by the Unity application and a texture image file.

Format NameFormatDescription

FBX file


read, edit, create

Texture file (Skin)


browse, display

Add public/private 3D models

  1. Click "Public Model Manager" on the "Backstage Management" page to add public 3D models, or click "Private Model Manager" to add private 3D models.

  2. Fill in the necessary information for the 3D model on the page:

    • Enter the name of the 3D model.

    • Dropdown menu to select the label of 3D model (such as: house, plant, lamp...) used for categorizing the 3D model you added.

AlliMeta provides each creator with a basic set of 3D modules. You can select and download any 3D module components from the "sample" section in the back-end management, and import them into your editing tools. For more information about samples, please refer to here.

3D Model Management

The Public/Private Model Management Tool is used to manage 3D models that are allowed to be edited within the world.

  1. Go to the "back-end management" page and select either "Private Model Manager" or "Public Model Manager".

  2. Click on "3D models"

  3. Click on the [X] button located in the top right corner of the 3D model window to remove the uploaded 3D model. Once deleted, the 3D model will be removed from the model library in the editor.

Using the Avatar scale

When starting to edit, it is recommended to use the built-in Avatar tool provided by AlliMeta as the scale for designing 3D buildings. The Avatar tool within the editor and the Avatar scale in the 3D experience layer have a 1:1 ratio.

Colors and Lighting

The world editor simulates the colors and lighting of the 3D experience layer. The lighting and color presentation of actual 3D models, landscapes, terrains, water, and other scenes will mainly follow the 3D experience layer.

Editing your metaverse

During the editing process, you can click "Save" to save your universe editing progress. You can also click "Load" to load previous editing progress.

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