The Metaverse Lands

Learn more about lands in the metaverse

Land is the basic unit of the world in the metaverse. People who own digital assets of land (landlords) can profit from buying, selling, or leasing the land, or use it for other purposes such as posting ads, merging land, and constructing structures to enhance the value of the land. Landlords who own land can be considered as having partial ownership of the metaverse, and can participate in the governance of the metaverse's DAO as citizens. Land is a virtual asset in the form of an NFT, and can be freely traded on NFT exchanges with its price determined by the market.

How to get LAND?

Each piece of land in the universe is unique and represented as an ERC-721 token. The land can be directly minted on the map in the 2D map layer, and the landowner can also list the land NFT on the Opensea marketplace for higher profits through sales or auctions.

Method #1: Mint LAND

  1. Select the land to be minted on the large 2D map in the land layer and click "Mint Landownership".

  2. Click "Confirm" in your MetaMask wallet to complete the contract interaction with the land.

  3. After completion, click "My Asset" > "Land" in the upper right corner of the interface to view all owned lands.

The initial floor price for each land when first minted is 0.1 ETH. The land minting price is ultimately determined by the land price set by the creator of the metaverse. You can refer to this article to learn how to set prices for land minting.

Method #2: Buy LAND in an exchange

The land minted through the AlliMeta platform service will be synchronized and displayed on Opensea, where you can search and purchase land.

What can you do if you own LAND?

Landowners who hold Landownership have all rights to the land, including the ability to sell the land, mint use rights, (re)name the land, advertise on the land, and perform other functions such as merging or splitting the land.

Hold a sale for LAND

Landowners can earn higher profits by selling their land. To do so, they can click on "Land Sale" and go to the marketplace to sell or auction their land.

Opensea - How to sell my NFT?

Mint Use-Rights

Landowners who hold digital asset land can earn fixed income by leasing the land use rights obtained through minting, or using the land for other purposes such as advertising and constructing physical structures to enrich the value of the land. For more details, please refer to the Land Use Rights section. To mint use-right:

  1. Click "Mint Use-Right"

  2. Click "Confirm" in the MetaMask wallet to complete the contract interaction with the land.

  3. After completion, click "My Asset" > "Right" in the interface's upper right corner to view all land use rights contracts held.

To update the land use right contract, it needs to be executed through the Ethereum network. You'll need to pay ETH gas to complete the contract update process.

Map Advertise

Landlords can advertise on their land, and each AD will remain effective in a given period, in addition to transferring ownership. Landlords can post their 2D map layer land advertisements through a third-party image database:

  1. Click on your land

  2. Click on "Map Advertisement"

  3. Paste the image URL and adjust the image orientation

  4. Interact with the contract and click "Sign"

AD Image Format

Land sizeImage size# of images


512x512 px

1 image


512x512 px

Splits to 4 images


512x512 px

Splits to 16 images

Posting an advertisement, adjusting the advertisement direction, or exchanging an advertisement does not require paying ETH gas fees. After each action, click "Sign" to complete the update.

Land Naming

Click on "Land Naming" to edit the basic information about the land.

Land Information

Click on "Land Info" to view the basic information about the land.

Merge/Segmentation on Lands (coming soon)

If a landowner holds four 1x1 land blocks at the same time, the landowner can merge them into one large 4x4 land block. Conversely, the landowner can also split one large 4x4 land block into four 1x1 land blocks.

For more land-related questions, please click here.

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